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Drowning data shows that 3,116 lives were lost to drowning in the eleven years from 2004/05 to 2014/15, or an average of 283 deaths per year. Drowning impact is greatest in:

-Children under five

-Coastal and inland waterways

-Those from Cultural Linguistically Diverse Communities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds


Design for water sport lovers

Unlike basic flotation devices, Jelloon Inflatable Floater is made for water sport lovers. Working closely with Triathlon players, SUP and surf players. Jelloon is designed to keep safe for boating, open water swimming, Surfing, SUP lovers when they enjoy all water sports.

Suggestions of use

-Open water swimmer and triathlon lovers:  JB101-E Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Tube

-SUP, surfing, fishing and kayak loversJB101-MS Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Pack

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How trigger handle works

High Quality + 2 yrs warranty

Adopt only high quality materials for all water sports. Warranty for 2 years.

Easy to inflate

Patent inflate valve design. Finish inflating less than 5 times. Available in both Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Tube and Pack.

Trigger to inflate

Inflate floater less than one second. Available in Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Pack


Left: JB101-E Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Tube
Right: JB101-MS Personal Inflatable Floater Aid Pack

At ease all the time

Enjoy the sunshine on the beach. No worries about kids playing on the water.

High Quality

Durability Test

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Why Jelloon

The company was created and set up by an experienced mechanical engineer, Mason, who had an accident while swimming off a beautiful beach on the Gold Coast. Suddenly, Mason found himself being dragged into the ocean by a strong tide and was floundering. He was very fortunate to have been saved by a lifeguard.

That experience inspired him to strive to find the best solutions and adopt only high quality materials for all Jelloon products.

Jelloon is for people who enjoy water activities such as boating, fishing, open water swimming, SUP, surfing, and so on. Always Safe!

About Jelloon

The name Jelloon comes from the product's first concept in the JB series, the "Jelly Balloon". This is like a jelly balloon that floats in the water like a buoy, but is flexible and can be grabbed by the user easily and safely.

Jelloon may not be used as a substitute for a life jacket or PFD