10 Beach Games With The Kids

When summer comes, the beach is the most Jelloon users' destination to go on holiday. Below shows 10 beach games for your preparation!
  1. Limbo

This is the ultimate beach game that was originally invented in the Caribbean. Find a stick, a long piece of driftwood or even a pool noodle and use it as your limbo pole. Get the kids to pass under it with their backs to the ground, lowering the pole an inch every time.

  1. Bucket and spade race

Instead of a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race, try out this seaside version that’ll see the kids using a spade to transport water from the ocean into a bucket further up the shore. The first one to fill up their bucket wins!


  1. Beach ball hot potato

Blow up a beach ball and enjoy a game of catch. Players must pass the ball on as quickly as they can or face a forfeit.

  1. Burying in the sand

You can’t go to a sunny beach without burying someone in the sand! Whether the kids cover each other or grandad, this is a game that never fails to entertain. Make it even more thrilling by putting a time limit on how long they have to bury someone.


  1. Marco Polo

This is the ideal beach game to play in shallow water or on a clear patch of sand. Get one child to close their eyes (or loosely blindfold them) before they shout out ‘Marco!’ and listen out for the other players’ replies.


  1. Beach treasure hunt

Put a beachy twist on a classic treasure hunt by challenging your children to find coastal items like shells, driftwood, seaweed, and pebbles. The first one to find everything gets a prize!


  1. Beach frisbee

Throwing a frisbee across the sand is a great beach game for all the family (and the dog!) to enjoy. Pack one in your suitcase and then find a clear patch of the beach.

  1. Tug of war

You don’t need a rope handy for this version of tug of war. Simply tie a few beach towels together, divide your group into two teams (adults versus kids can be fun!) and then draw a line in the sand as your starting point.


  1. Sandcastle competition

Sometimes you just can’t beat building a sandcastle. Get each child in your group to work on their own creation and give out little treats for the most innovative structures.

  1. Boat race

Take some string to the beach and task your kids with building mini boats out of tied together sticks or driftwood. Test them out in the shallows or dig and fill up a narrow river-facing towards the sea to race them down.

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