10 body board tips for beginners

Bodyboarding is a very popular water sport. You can learn how to bodyboard at any age. If you're committed to catching your first wave, take a look at the best tips for novice boogie boarders.

Bodyboarding has a fast learning curve, but that doesn't take any merit away from the sport. You can start sliding down the face of the wave in less than 24 hours, but you might need a week.

But if you just want to have fun, and simultaneously impress your friends and family, tick the following checkbox. You'll become a complete novice bodyboarder in no time:

  1. Get acquainted with the ocean: if you want to start bodyboarding, you should know how to swim, and you should feel comfortable in the rough surf;
  2. Wax your board: get a good grip between your chest and the bodyboard;
  3. Wear a wetsuit: keeping your body warm and cozy increases your confidence levels;
  4. Learn how to read a wave: because not all ripples are good for wave riding;
  5. Start riding whitewater waves or small rollers: understand how your body should position on the bodyboard, and how the energy of the broken waves will push you towards the shore;
  6. Leave the swim fins on the beach: you don't need to add complexity to the initial wave riding phase, so start paddling for the first waves using your arms and feet only;
  7. Always wear a leash: if you wipe out, the rope will keep your board at an arm's reach;
  8. Keep centered on the board and raise your chest: a correct body positioning will help you glide across the water;
  9. Ride a wave until the end: you will learn how the board reacts to the different phases of each ride, and how you should adjust your body to stay on the wave until the end;
  10. Train your duck dive to perfection: if a sneaker wave breaks in front of you, you will be ready to dive underneath the water explosion;

Bodyboarding is an exciting experience for kids and a thrilling adventure for the elderly. Enjoy your first boogie boarding waves, and spread the stoke.

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