11 Tips for Open Water Safety


Open water swimming is a great workout, whether you’re training for a triathlon, a swim event, or snorkeling to check out fish and other marine life. The following are some tips to help you stay safe when swimming and snorkeling in the open water:

#1 Never swim alone.

When you head out into the open water, make sure you go with a partner: someone who’s looking out for you, and in turn, you’re looking out for them. 

#2 Get comfortable in open water.

Begin where you feel at ease, and practice going further out from your base at a pace that works for you.

#3 Know the conditions.

Check the water temperature and weather conditions prior to heading out. 

#4 Understand currents.

Choose a static “beacon” on the shore, or your boat, to make sure you aren’t unknowingly being swept away. If you do get caught in a riptide, don’t panic. Calmly swim parallel to shore to get out of it. Don’t try to swim against, or fight the current, as this can cause further panic and exhaust you.

#5 Stay calm.

If you start feeling uncomfortable, the very first step is to stay calm. Alert your swim buddy, and calmly swim back to where you feel comfortable.

#6 Check your surroundings. 

Make sure you don’t inadvertently swim too far away from your swim buddy, the shore or your boat. 

#7 Take a break.

If you start feeling exhausted or uncomfortable, take a break. Either tread water, or calmly make your way back to shore.

#8 Know your underwater creatures.

Generally, a good rule of thumb is to look, but not touch anything; leave the delicate sea floor the way you found it.

#9 Have a plan.

Before heading out, it’s always good to have a basic plan - where you plan to swim, how far you plan to go, and how long you plan to be in the water.

#10 Choose the right equipment.

Are you swimming or snorkeling? Is the water cold enough for a wetsuit? Choosing the right equipment for your open water activity is important. Jelloon can be one of your best choices in all water activities

#11 Relax and have fun.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re swimming in the open water. While it’s important to be prepared, don’t forget to have some fun too - and relax! Trust your preparation, and if ever you feel like you’re getting uncomfortable, remain calm and head back to shore.