3 factors of Choosing UV Protective clothing

Jelloon users are always in the risk under the sun. It is very important to choose the right clothing for yourself while enjoying water sports 

To get better UV protection, choose clothing that has a higher UPF (ultraviolet radiation protection factor) rating. The higher the number, the better the clothing can protect you from UV rays. While a rating of 15 or 20 is good, a rating of 25 to 39 is very good. Ratings from 40 to 50 and even 50+ are considered excellent.

You will not see ratings below 15 in apparel. Anything below this level is not considered to be UV protective.

Several factors can affect the ratings of UV protective clothing. These may include:

#1 Construction: Clothing with a dense, tight construction can help minimize the amount of UVR that can pass through to your skin. Also, the thicker fabric can help reduce UV transmission.

#2 Fiber type: Microfiber clothing offers higher protection than regular fiber fabrics. Wool and polyester can also offer a good level of protection.

#3 Colour: Darker colours tend to absorb more UV rays overall. More vibrant colour hues can outperform paler ones.

When wearing UV protective clothing, there are three important factors to keep in mind:

  • You should avoid wearing stretched apparel. Stretching can adversely impact UV protection.
  • The more you wear and wash your clothing, the more of an effect it can have on UPF ratings. Also, as clothing fades, it can offer less protection.
  • When wet, the apparel can be less protective.