3 situations to use Jelloon

Sometimes people are wondering when should we need float aid. Here is to share some conditions to use Jelloon float aids.

#1 All water activities

There are many situations that we might get into the water while swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing and so on. Having a floating aid can make sure you will be safe

#2 Aqua fitness

Many aqua fitness users use noodles. However, different people and cases will need different buoyancy while doing aqua fitness. Jelloon provides various buoyance for aqua fitness user’s own need

#3 For fun

Jelloon is very flexible and strong. It is very suitable for kids to play with. Thanks to its durability, even stepping on rock will not harm Jelloon product at all.

In brief, even Jelloon always talks about watersafety, it is still good for other purposes other than water activities. Enjoy Jelloon all the way!