3 Tips for Choosing Summer Sandals


We’ve waited all year to spring our feet free from boots and give them the exhilarating feeling of light & airy sandals and flip flops!  Along with going to the beach, checking out your favorite sporting event, or hanging out with family and friends at a backyard BBQ, it’s time to update your summer footwear. Buying sandals and flip flops just because they’re “hot” or “cute” is a big mistake. Sacrificing fashion for foot health can lead to chronic problems such as corns, callouses, and even foot and lower back pain. Check out these 3 easy tips on how to buy summer sandals that are super comfortable AND healthy for your feet.


#1 Buy the Right Size Shoe

It’s always a good idea to go to a store where you can try on shoes and get expert advice from a shoe salesperson so you can be well informed about buying the perfect shoe for your feet.  


#2 It’s All About Arch Support

Arch support is critical to maintain good foot health, relief, and comfort. Choose sandals or flip flops that have a more pronounced arch support.  Your feet and your body will pay you back dividends for giving them the anatomical support they need.


#3 The Well-Heeled Shoe

Flip flops and sandals are summer’s hottest hits, and a little heel or wedge will help take some of the pressure off your feet. Wearing shoes that are too flat put undue strain on your heels, achilles, and back. The American Podiatric Medical Association, (APMA), recommends a heel or wedge “no more than 3/4″ for women” and “adequate cushioning to ease pressure on feet.”  Also for your consideration are other cushioned, arch-supported sandals and flip flops. In addition, check out great waterproof or water-resistant choices.