3 Tips to Choose Roof Box

When you plan a trip and prepare things to load on the car, the most challenging thing is to put them in the car. A roof box will provide extra space and more choices for the accommodation of your luggage. There are many kinds of roof boxes to be chosen and below shows the tips for choosing roof box:


#1 The capacity and weight limitation

The bigger roof box does not mean you can put all stuff into it due to weight limitations. If you put heavy luggage into the roof box, it will be very dangerous to destroy the box.


#2 Size on both height and width

After installing a roof box, the car height will increase dramatically. That means you need to check the height limitation of your garage and height limitation of a car park when you drive into a shopping center’s car.

Besides, some people will put bikes, kayaks or ski equipment on the roof rack. The width of box will definitely impact the space of roof racks. 


#3 Opening

The open will impact the height of the car, make sure that you have enough space to open the box. Also, one size opening will make it difficult to install the roof box onto the roof rack since you might need your kid to crawl on the box to fix the box on the roof rack


Based on the 3 tips: Capacity, size, opening, you can choose the best type of roof box for yourself. Now you can load everything you want and enjoy the trip!