5 Tips To Celebrate A Summer Xmas

#1 Tree Matters

Why not try the idea of using a native eucalyptus instead of a Christmas tree? 

#2 Decorating For Summer

Let’s face it, Christmas in Australia is not about holly and mistletoe, it’s about sunlight and life and things growing and in bloom. Use this as inspiration for your Christmas decorating by doing away with the plastic plants that aren’t really Australian and embracing our own local flora. 

#3 Change Up Your Cooking Style

Don’t let the stuffy English roast put a sweaty damper on your Christmas Day. An Australian Christmas meal should celebrate the summertime, with lots of light foods and seasonal goodness.

#4 Turn Tradition Upside Down

Traditions are made to be broken, especially in Australia where many things appear to be upside down. This Christmas, instead of missing out on the traditions of the colder Christmas, twist them a little to fit you. Can’t build yourself a snowman that your kids can decorate? Head to the beach and make a sandman that they’ll love, with a chance to cool off in the ocean afterwards. Feeling like a snowball fight should be on the cards? Keep those bathers on and do water balloons instead. When you look around you’ll find there are lots of traditions you can turn on their head to make them more Aussie appropriate!

#5 Embrace The Outdoors

Cold Christmases are all about getting indoors and soaking up the little Christmas details that make you feel warm and fuzzy, literally. But Christmas in Australia shouldn’t be celebrated locked away from the world, it should be enjoyed out among it! This Christmas, instead of getting locked into the traditional idea of what your Christmas should be, embrace the difference.

source: https://www.stayathomemum.com.au/christmas/5-tips-to-celebrate-a-summer-christmas/