7 Tips to Stay Cool While Camping

1. Position your campsite

Position your camping site to maximise any benefits from breezes coming off the water.  The downside about being near water is that it may increase the level of mosquitoes near your camp, so you need to weigh up your options and work out if you want breezes and bugs.

When setting your tent up in this shady spot, remember that camping under some of our large gum trees can be very hazardous. 

2. Air flow 

Ensure you open up all doors/windows on the tent to maximise cross breezes, and set up the tent as late as possible (ie. when the sun goes down) to avoid heat building up in the tent.

3. Material

Nylon tents heat up more quickly than canvas tents, though nylon allows the air to escape more easily too.

4. Purchase a 12-volt fan

Lack of air circulation makes a hot night unbearable. The movement of air, though not cooling the air itself, will help you as the air circulates.

5. The tarp over your tent

If you have this option, another way to help reduce heat on your tent is to string a tarp over the tent, leaving enough room for air to circulate between tent and tarp.  It provides another layer of protection from the sun.

A little bit more work, but the benefits will be noticeable. 

Alternatively, you may choose to put up extra awnings on your tent if you have them. If not another shelter during the day time, so you can stay under shade until it's time to go into the tent/trailer/caravan.   Hang some mosquito repellent devices off the tarp/shelter to keep those bugs away.

6. Hydration and clothing

Children dehydrate quickly, so remember to watch their hydration closely

Not near the ocean or a lake?

If space allows, a small blow-up pool filled with water is a great way for children (and pets) to keep cool.

Proper clothing for conditions should include cotton clothing, light coloured (to reflect the heat), wide-brimmed hats and adequate sun protection for the body. 


7. Choose suitable activities for the weather

If you are camping near water, your time will probably be spent in it! If you don’t have a lake or ocean to laze by, your activities need to be altered to suit the weather. Early morning starts for any activity, so you can rest in the heat of the day.   

If you have access to air-conditioned locations (shops, tourist attractions, caravan park facilities) utilize them in the warmest part of the day, so you are not sweltering at your campsite.