COVID-19 Water Safety Tips

Summer is coming to Australia, more and more people cannot wait to jump into water. However, the threat of Covid 19 has not stopped yet. Here are some tips to be known

Tip 1 Social distancing while in the water

Even though there is no evidence that Covid 19 virus can spread through water. This practice still help to slow down the spread of Covid 19  

Tip 2 No sharing food

Sharing food will let people closer together which means increasing the possibility of spread. 

Tip 3 Keep hand sanitizer on your side

Sometimes, it is not convenient to find water to wash hands. sanitizer is a good way to keep your hands off viruses from time to time. 

Tip 4 Wear a mask at the beach or pool

It is for the situation that you might not maintain social distancing while outside

While autumn comes, lots of countries in Europe are suffering 2nd wave of covid 19. We are lucky that the situation is getting better now. May all Jelloon users and watersport lovers keep safe and enjoy water sports!