Learn to Swim by Jelloon

In Australia, learn to swim is a must for all people. There is a range of skills and knowledge to develop swimming, water safety, survival, and basic rescue skills that can save lives.

Jelloon float pack is a very good utility to develop based on below reasons:

1 Bouncy can be changeable

Thanks to its one way valve, users can inflate air by themselves to change bouncy easily.Lot of aqua aerobatics like to use Jelloon to change bouncy to fit their requirement. 

2 Stick to swimmer’s body

Accident always happens. A float stick to swimmer’s body provides a safe float while needed no matter in pool along, river or open water. 

3 Easy to hold

The long shape and folding line design make Jelloon Inflatable Floater Aid Tube to be hold.

For snorkeling and emergency usage, the folding design provides a peaceful mind.