Swimming Cramp Remedies

Suffering breathtakingly painful muscle cramps while swimming can stop you mid-stroke.

Swimming cramps are a distraction and are commonly experienced by all levels of athletes. Here are Do and Don't :



Immediately massage and stretch the cramped muscle, removing yourself from the water if possible. It’s possible to return to the swim workout if you can relieve the cramp, so don’t rush it.

For toe cramps, massage the surrounding muscles and move toe backward and forward to help release the cramp.

Bonus: Back off intensity on swim turns, starts, and kicking sets.

Extra Bonus: Heat can helps muscles relax. Submerse your cramp in a hot tub and apply massages and stretching.

Don’t work: 

Guzzling sports drink, taking handfuls of salt tabs, and eating bananas hand over fist will not help you complete your swim practice – unless you’ve got hours to kill.


source: https://www.kiefer.com/blog/swimming-cramps-cause-cure-prevention