3 Tips of Sterization When Back Home

During COVID 19, people are advised to stay at home and go out only for shopping, essential working, and exercise. The purpose is to reduce the chance to be exposed to the virus. However, there is always someone needed to groceries or working places and might contact with the surface where others touch. It comes to be very important to sterilize yourself while back home. Here share some tips:
#1 Prepare a hand sanitizer.
When you enter your car, take off a taxi or bus, sterilize hands immediately since we might touch some products or surface which others touch
#2 Spray 70% Alcohol while arriving home
70% of alcohol can kill the virus. It is suggested to spray it to the door handler, your clothes, all groceries and stuff your brought home. 
#3 Wash hands
It has been talked through all channels by the government since hands are last mile to touch your face.
By doing this, we can make sure that we can have a safe home to live in without any danger to the virus. May everyone can pass this pandemic smoothly.