4 Tips for Choosing Things to Do during Quarantine

Owing to Coronavirus, there are many articles talking about things to do during the quarantine. We know that one day the pandemic will pass and the world might change in the economic and political situations. Well prepared for that will ensure us to face next challenge

Here are the tips for choosing things to do during the quarantine.

1 Body and mental health

Don’t just watch TV and eat potato chips. keep body and mental health is the key to do with the circumstance. 

2 Skills you want to sharpen

It is a good chance to sharpen some skills that you want for a long time. Now no time is not the excuse anymore. 

3 Caring of your families

Have you missed the time with your families in the past? It’s time to contribute yourselves and take care of families.

4 Thinking about the trends

Watching TV and related news might be scary, however, thinking about the change that might happen is quite important. When we look back to history, there are many heroes and big companies that begun at a hard time. 

When you do things and follow the tips mentioned. Jelloon believesthat you will be a fresh person when the crisis pass and it will pass! 

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