6 Tips for Camp in Rain

Never let rainy days ruin your outdoor activities, here are some tips for camping in the rain.

#1 Find the Right Tent Site

Choose a campsite with a little elevation that's not beside a river or lake. If your tent faces the morning sun, it’ll be easier to coax yourself out of your sleeping bag on drizzly mornings. And whatever you do, don’t set up under a tree. Long after the rain has stopped, raindrops will keep dripping on your head and falling branches could injure you if the wind picks up overnight. 


#2 Light Up the Night

Lights can help boost the ambiance under the tarp or tree canopy. Bring LED string lights to drape around the campsite, light some candles to flicker sweetly in mason jars, and pack a good camp lantern and flashlights. Remember to bring plenty of extra batteries; lithium batteries are extra-reliable in cold weather. If you think you’ll be returning late, attach reflectors to the trees near your tent so you can find your way back in the dark.


#3 Outdoor Living Room

Fashion a camping rain shelter by stringing up a tarp or two overhead, and one on the ground as well. Then set up camp chairs, attend to the ambient lights, break out the brews and snacks and get some music and games going.


#4 Food to the People

 Humans need more calories to maintain body temperature when it’s cold, so keep the carbs coming. It’s always nice to throw some veggies into the mix, but do yourself a favor and prep them first, in your warm home, instead of peeling and chopping in the cold.


#5 Layer Up

The right camping rain gear and a good layering system will help regulate your body temperature, wicking moisture while you’re active, and retaining body heat when you cool down. 


#6 Hang Up, Then Hang Out

Pack a clothesline and string it under a tarp or your tent’s vestibule so you can hang all your wet clothes to dry. Taking time to manage the moisture factor will make your trip a lot more pleasant.

source: https://www.rei.com/blog/camp/12-tips-camping-rain