Best Outdoor Activities for Rainy Days

The weather may be pretty bad outside but since you’re eager to go out, here are some suggestions of what to do on a rainy day.


Scuba Diving

No need to worry about the wind or rain since you are underwater, enjoy the beauty of this magnificent land below sea level, and forget about what’s happening above the surface.


When you’re rafting, the rain is the last thing on your mind!

White water rafting is done on different degrees of rough water, so get ready to embark on board an inflatable raft, using only paddles to navigate the twist and turn of the river rapids.


Jet ski, Flyboard

The rain doesn’t bother us when it comes to a motorized water sport, a little more water shouldn’t affect you or your equipment so grab your wetsuit and get involved in these modern watersports whatever the forecast.

Defy gravity from 5 meters up, or channel your inner Ironman for a few minutes with the flyboard or the hoverboard, created by Franky Zapata these brand new activities are sure to get the heart racing.


Sailing, Surfing

If you’re scared of water, forget about it, but sailing like Surfing, SUPing ( Stand Up Paddle); bodyboarding or surfing are sports you can definitely enjoy even if it’s raining ( once again we’re talking about rain, not a storm).


BMX, Skateboarding

If you want to try an urban sport, like skateboarding or BMX it’s time to head to your local indoor spot where you and the floors are guaranteed to stay dry.

Indoor skateparks are popping up everywhere, giving you countless opportunities to enjoy them all year long and learn a new discipline or master your current one.


In most cases, you go climbing in the wild, on mountains or rocks; and in case of rain, it’s probably better to postpone the climb as it can turn into a nightmare pretty quickly.