Never swim after rained


Nowadays, it rains in Australia more than past few years. It is a relief for farmers. A lot of people are very happy to do more water activities in lakes, rivers, and the sea.

However, rain will bring more cities wastes on the street to the drain and all of them will flow through water ways into river and ocean. If we go to water right after rain, it is very easy to see that water is brown and not glassy as usually in some places. At the moment, it is strongly suggested not to dip into the water since the clearness will be concerned.

The same thing applies to all places in the world no matter in the cities and natural places.

While land cannot filter the sudden big flow of water, the quality of water will be of course be assured. 

The best solution for water lovers is going to pools. The well-maintained filter of the pool can assure the quality of water and reduce the risk on the open water area.