Tips to Put on a Face Mask

During COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, a face mask is very important for any person who is in an environment where contact with lots of strangers. Wearing a face mask is the best way to decrease the opportunity to block virus outbreak. Here are the tips to show how to put on a mask correctly:

#1 Cover mouse and nose:

Remember to cover both mouse and nose to block the delivery of virus effectively. A surgical mask contains steel wire and it should be upword. It is used to fit the user’s nose be press that while putting on the face mask. 

#2 Choose the right side:

The coloured side is outside and the whiteside is inside. 

#3 Fit your face:

A quality face mask can filter the virus in case the face mask fits the face. If not fitting the face, that means the virus will go through the face.

#4 Don’t touch mask body after putting on

After putting on the face mask, the virus will stay on the outside of the face mask. Never touch this area

Based on those tips, you can block the virus perfectly. Since we might touch our face from time to time, washing hand is the most important measure at any time. Stay safe!