JB101-E Aqua Aerobics Floater Tube

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The most compact aqua aerobics equipment!
- Free shipping. 2 years warranty.
- Compact for ease to carry
- Can be easily modified to everyone's weight
- The one-way valve design allows the user to inflate the device easily to suit his/her own buoyancy without the need to bite the inlet

- Longer tube design for better balancing in water.

- Trainers have the freedom to develop more movement and tailored exercises 

- Unlike other aqua fitness equipment, it can be deflated and put in a small bag.

Made of high strength materials. It provides higher levels of safety performance than comparable inflatable devices for water activities. Test videos: Scratch Test,   Durability Test


- Easy to hold with folding line design.

- Lightweight, slim and highly portable. It can be a backup device for many kinds of water activities.

- Suitable as a personal float aid device when swimming or as a visibility aid while waiting for help in the water.

  • Buoyancy 100N / 10kg 
  • Reusable 
  • Oral Inflation 
  • Product Dimensions(packed): 14x 10 x 6.5 cm. 
  • Product Dimensions(inflated): 97 x 16 x8 cm. 
  • Product Weight: 190g

Images from Taiwan Aqua Fitness Association

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